Contemporary Female Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon & Beyond

Hello and thank you for stopping by. I have two great passions, people and photography. Weddings are a beautiful combination of both, and I’m captivated by the uniqueness of them all. I live for the thrill of the morning of the wedding, the anticipation, the ambience, the pride and joy. I am a storyteller; while you’re creating the history, my role is to observe. There is an art to happiness and often we must enjoy our greatest moments in the absence of special family or friends. I pride myself on capturing the big moments and the little ones, some have words, while others only have a look. Beyond your special day, these photos tell a story that continues to be told for days, weeks, months and generations to come. Express your individuality with churches, rustic barns, intimate weddings or larger gatherings; be you in a quaint setting or luxury venue. Invite your guests to join you – you, the romantics, the dreamers, adventurers and soul mates alike. With minimum interruption, I can capture your love and display your wedding day and all its uniqueness and timeless appeal. Every wedding is one-of-a-kind, I bring this detail to your photographs as you do when planning your day. I am passionate about taking photographs that lock the emotion in. So when you view them, you feel them too. Your photographs become an integral part of the journey. They capture the real moments of your wedding day, the celebration, the love, laughter and sometimes tears.The day for you and your guests is about embracing the love, relishing the thoughtful gestures, making beautiful memories and trying to smile or laugh at the unexpected. The photographs you receive will reflect the memories you made and capture the parts you may have missed. This is your story. Every story is unique and love stories are my favourite. How will you tell yours? You narrate and I’ll illustrate.



I am one of the lucky one – I love my job. Wedding photography is certainly not a 9-5 but even after ten years, I continue to strive to keep my style fresh and creative, yet relaxed and unobtrusive. Although I adopt a relaxed approach if you want posed photographs I am happy to direct the bridal party, but I will always look for new and interesting ways to make your images stand out from the crowd. For me, it is essential that your photographs have integrity so I will not put you into any unnatural poses or try to create moments that are not there. A wedding is not about posing for group shots for hours on end. Or photographers overtaking the day. It’s about capturing the important shots efficiently and then following the light, the moments and the real story with just a pinch of traditional portraits for good measure.
I like to ensure the atmosphere remains true to the day and love the variety of light the UK weather can determine. Rest assured come rain or sunshine as your photographer, I will provide beautiful photography no matter the weather. A story which has timeless appeal. Couples now incorporate their personalities and passions into their wedding style, opting for a more contemporary approach to their big day and this is why I became a wedding photographer. I believe it is my job to capture and express your love in photographs which are completely unique to you. Spontaneity is what I believe makes a great photograph and enjoying the moment; even if you think you to hate having your photograph I promise your wedding day is different, with the right photographer at hand you won’t even know the beautiful moments I am capturing.


“Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories .”